NPC Reaction

Step 1: Determine Initial Disposition

Initial Disposition Table

Roll Initial Disposition
1 Hostile Go to Hostile Action
2-3 Unfriendly Go to Unfriendly Action
4-7 Indifferent Go to Indifferent Action
8-9 Friendly Go to Friendly Action
10 Helpful Go to Helpful Action

Hostile Action

Roll Initial Disposition
1 Murderous Rage Won’t stop until one of the PCs is dead.
2 Violence Will attempt to afflict hurt and pain, but not death.
3 Physical Interference Will do anything physically necessary to interfere with the PCs’ life at that moment except kill or seriously injure.
4 Verbal Rage Will launch into a very loud, very angry diatribe against the PCs.
5 Frame Your Ass Will do whatever they can to frame the PCs for a serious crime that will put them away for a long time, get them killed, or otherwise cause them severe trouble.
6 Physical Insult Will perform insulting acts (spit on the PCs, flip the PCs the bird, etc.).
7 Imposter Will attempt to take over the PC’s identity in order to perform such heinous acts in their name that they are definitely going to be marked for death by another entity.
8 Angry Proselyting Will loudly and vigorously attempt to get those in proximity to act out against the PCs.
9-10 Cold Avoidance Will openly ignore the PCs, but will attempt to come at them by some other means later (roll on this table again for the method the NPC will take).
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Unfriendly Action

Roll Initial Disposition
1 Intentional Misdirection Will attempt to mislead the PCs.
2 Malicious Gossip Will spread rumors about PCs (go to the Spreading Misinformation table).
3 Calculated Avoidance Will attempt to avoid encountering the PCs. If this fails and they are forced to interact with the PCs, the situation escalates to Hostile Action.
4 Suspiciously Observe Whenever in the PCs’ vicinity, they will watch the PCs with deep suspicion, and may even attempt to keep tabs on the PCs when not nearby.
5 Verbal Insult If forced to interact with the PCs, or given the opportunity, they will verbally insult the PCs.
6 Eviscerate in Words Will go out of their way to get written and publicized negative propaganda out about the PCs (go to the Spreading Misinformation table).
7 False Accusation Will publicly falsely accuse the PCs of a crime.
8 Public Humiliation Will publicly attempt to humiliate the PCs.
9 Steal Your Face Will attempt to steal the PC’s identity in order to make them look bad, or gain a benefit only the PC can get.
10 Con-you-man Will attempt to con the PC out of money, position, or other wealth.
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Indifferent Action

Roll Initial Disposition
1-5 Socially Acceptable Will interact in a socially acceptable way.
6 Socially Awkward Will behave in a very awkward, but still socially acceptable way.
7 Distracted Will interact, but in a distracted way as they continue to do what they were doing.
8-10 Attentive Consideration Will interact in a very attentive manner (think, someone with great customer service skills).
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Friendly Action

Roll Initial Disposition
1 Chatty Cathy Will be very chatty and willing to engage in conversation… perhaps a little too chatty.
2 Wise Old Man Will be chalk full of wisdom and very happy to give unsolicited advice.
3 Good Sameritan Will offer a limited and restricted amount of help that won’t put them in an inconvenient situation, or cost them money.
4 Advocate Will be willing to advocate for the PC.
5 Grandma Sue Will treat the PC like a grandmother would treat a grandchild so long as it doesn’t place them in danger, cost them money, or otherwise put them back.
6 Good Cheer Will interaction with the PC as though they are old friends and be extremely cheerful through the interaction.
7 Tit-for-Tat This is the neighborly interaction that always ends with you having loaned out your lawnmower in exchange for a cup of sugar.
8-9 Good-Natured Normalcy Think of the friendly neighborhood grocer: willing to talk, engage, and build a friendship.
10 Clingy Ex-Girlfriend Is happy to engage, but is clingy and doesn’t want to separate from the PC.
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Helpful Action

Roll Initial Disposition
1 Protective Will do what they can to protect the PC.
2 Got Your Six! Will back the PC up.
3 Biggest Fan Will behave like a big fan of the PC.
4 Stalker Alert! Will stalk the PC in the interest of always being around them. Being shunned will immediately require a new Disposition check.
6-10 Saint Will do whatever they can to assist and help the PC, even if it means putting themself in danger, losing wealth, or otherwise discrediting themselves.
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